PolyPlan air con design software: Save Time & Stand Out

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is now providing serious time savings and professional support to air conditioning installers in Australia. Leading HVAC Industry wholesaler Polyaire, now offers account holders PolyPlan, its own in house developed intelligent ducted installation design software.

To design a ducted system for a regular family home in 15 minutes or less, installers just import a house plan and use the simple tools in PolyPlan to calculate required capacity and find a suitable unit. PolyPlan’s unique intelligence tools then help to place the right outlets, return air, fittings and flexible duct to have a workable installation design, complete with layouts, load calculations, labelling and materials list.

‘Installers using PolyPlan stand out when they quote their customers because they have a professional looking plan laid out on top of the customers’ house design which adds value to their proposal, and it doesn’t take long for them to produce it with PolyPlan,’ says Adam Connell, Marketing Manager at Polyaire. ‘It is a new, easy to use computer aided design (CAD) tool for air conditioning, built around the needs of installers in Australia. It is ready to go for the unique Australian air conditioning market as soon as you sign on with different modes for ducted reverse cycle, evaporative, and gas heating in Australian homes.’

It makes pricing and ordering for the job easier as well,’ continues Adam Connell, ‘Linked to their Polyaire account tradies can price up the installation, order components and organise their jobs online.’

‘We developed PolyPlan and the tech behind it to make things easier for tradies. So that they can spend more time doing other important activities.’

PolyPlan helps prevent users from making mistakes while designing an air conditioning installation by placing components only where needed. Users specify what type of components they need and the mode for the type of job, such as 4-way Multi Directional Outlets (MDOs) and Ducted Refridge mode, or round jets and Ducted Gas Heating mode and PolyPlan works within those parameters. The software is easy to use and is cloud based which means there is unlimited storage and backup of each job. PolyPlan also offers multiple users login for businesses that need it.

The Polyaire team are now trained with PolyPlan and are ready to provide live demonstrations. ‘We can also help with doing some initial designs for you as an extra bonus to get you started if you are busy with installs,’ Adam Connell says ‘But, Polyaire has been conducting regular webinars online showing installers how to use to the system, and some good to know processes such as aligning levels for multi storey designs.’ Anyone can sign up for these.

Polyaire customers can take advantage of how PolyPlan syncs with their account. This enables them to order parts and components online where it will then be stored and linked to the software, and arrange for it to be delivered to site or choose which Polyaire branch to pick it up from. It is truly a tool that provides significant advantage, that comes at a very affordable price or even free for some.

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